Jeremy Bolz


Current Title: Lead Production Artist at Liquid Development
Current Location: Portland, Oregon

As an artist I have always loved the thrill of learning. As such i love to stretch myself constantly to create and explore. I enjoy creating work in a variety of styles. My first passion is character and creature art, but I find myself making a wide variety of things depending my circumstances.

I primarily enjoy digital sculpture as a tool for for production and concept and production of models and textures for games and film. I also enjoy 2D sketching, digital painting for concept development.

I have 7 years of production experience in the Games industry as an artist. I have worked on a wide variety of titles, genres, producers, and publishers including Disney, Digital Domain, Activision, EA, Valve, Warner Bros., Zynga, Microsoft, Thinkwell, Yager, and Sony San Diego Studio.


  • ZBrush
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Maya
  • 3D Coat
  • Substance Painter
  • Unity
  • UDK
  • xNormal
  • Headus UV Layout
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Flash


  • Digital Sculpture
  • Character and Creature Design
  • Character Production for Games
  • Enviornment Asset Production
  • User Interface Design/Development
  • Art Team Management
  • Art Direction


Lead Production Artist

LIquid Development, Portland, OR

• DOTA 2 (PC)
• SMITE Tactics (PC)
• Dreadnought (PC, PS4)
• BattleBorn (PC,Xbox One, PS4)
• Kill Strain (PS4)
• Warner Bros HyperCade (3D Unity Experience)
• Disney Star Wars Commander (iOS)
• Hungry Shark World (IOS)
• Danger Goat (DayDream VR)
• Battle Star Galactica: Squadrons (IOS, Android)
• Bakery Story 2 (IOS, Android)
• Resturant Story 2 (IOS, Android)
• Farm Story 2 (IOS, Android)
• Unreleased Digital Domain Project
• Unreleased Ember Project
• Unreleased Forge Reply
• Unreleased Samahnzi Project
• Unreleased Warner Bros. License Mobile Title
• Unreleased Glu Mobile Project
• Unreleased Trigger Global Projects (3)

Lead UI Artist

Zynga, INC (Eugene Studio), Eugene, OR

• Frontierville (Facebook) 2012 – 2013
• Unreleased Zynga Project (IOS, Facebook)2013, 2015
• CastleVille: Legends (IOS, Facebook) 2013 – 2015
• Unreleased Zynga Project (IOS, Facebook)2015

Staff Artist

Buzz Monkey Software LLC, Eugene OR

• Army of Two: The 40th Day (PSP) 2009
• PSHome: Island Getaway Pack (PS3)
• Tony Hawk: SHRED (Wii) 2010
• Social City (Facebook) 2010 – 2011
• Rinth Island (IOS, Facebook) 2011 – 2012
• ESPNU: College Town (Facebook) 2010 – 2011
• Frontierville (Facebook) 2011
• Unreleased Playdom (Facebook)


Bachelor of Fine Arts : Game Art and Design

Art Institute of Portland, Portland, OR


  • Disney
  • Digital Domain
  • Activision
  • EA
  • Valve
  • Warner Bros.
  • Zynga
  • Microsoft
  • Thinkwell
  • Yager
  • Sony


Hero of the Week Nicole Opas - General Manager of Castleville Legends

Internal Award on Castleville Legends Team for excellence

Sharpshooter Nico Vuori -Frontierville General Manager

Internal Award on the Frontierville Team for Excellence for UI Production and Management

Two Year Service Award Buzz Monkey Software

Plaque honoring two years of service as an artist at Buzz Monkey Software

Graduated with High Honors Art Institute of Portland

Graduated with a GPA of 3.85

$5,000 Tuition Scholarship Art Institute of Portland

Based on an original Game Design Document with artwork and cutscene script